Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Downtown Worcester Peregrine Falcon Photos & Other Tidbits

Another busy day in downtown Worcester today, first with the shooting that took place only a couple of blocks away from my work so this morning there'd be plenty of police activity and of course the Peregrine Falcon's.  I'd go up to the 24th floor this morning to check things out and all would be silent except for the female in flight, but this afternoon while going out for tea I could see two of the juveniles head to the top of the 446 Main Street tower and I was smart enough to bring my camera with me so off I went.

Love this photo!!!  I've been really lucky to see a lot of the juveniles this year and have gotten to know the behavior of these two and the female to the left acts more like dad, and the male like mom.  This would be the first time I'd ever make eye contact with the female and she didn't appear at all phased, just curious which I can totally appreciate!

The sun was in a position to really show off the chocolate brown streaking I love on juvenile Peregrine Falcon's.  Such beautiful birds and ones I can never get enough of.

After a bit, the female would decide to take off, but once again the darn bird is too quick for me to take multiple flight shots.  I LOVE what the male is doing in this photo.  So cute.

The male would stick around though

Yes it's me, your stalker!

 I don't think I ever really paid attention to the blueish tinge to the bill until I saw this picture and goes perfectly with the eyes.  Swoon

Acting like dad now and looking at its feet for some preening!  Bummed there's no band on that leg, but maybe next year.

Classic dad pose.  No wonder the Rock Pigeons are terrorized, look at those talons!

The falcon stuck around long enough for me to get some video.  It's lousy and pretty fuzzy but I did catch it preening and then the bird flew off and my camera went toward the sky hoping I could keep it in view while flying, but the little bugger swooped down instead.  Figured I'd share just the same though.

I have only seen two of the juves since before the 4th and am concerned about the other so hoping it's allright.  This is why I try not to get too involved in these birds, but it's hard not to, especially the adults who I've really gotten to know over the years.  Hoping I'm just in over reaction mode again.

And a picture taken this morning up at the 24th floor of the State Trooper Helicopter surveying and taking pictures of the shooting scene.  INSANE having a helicopter so close to you due to being up so high.  This picture isn't even cropped!

No wonder the Peregrine Falcons where no where around.

And now a few photos taken at Institute Park earlier this week during lunch in my ongoing attempt of finding a Black-crowned Night Heron.

No night heron's but the Mute Swans would be out though!

It's amazing how tame even the Mallard ducklings are at Institute Park.  They'd see me and swim right over.  Guessing they thought I brought bread which I'm sure is great for their diet!

They are cute though and it was nice to have them so close.  While I didn't get the Black-crowned Night Heron it was still nice to get out and do some birding.  I'd also run into Rick there and he's going to shoot me an email next time he spots a BC so I can get in some lunch time chasing which is something I love doing so hoping it makes an appearance soon!

Besides that it's been quiet and not getting in any long walks or birding after work as I've been busy doing a canning inventory and organizing my canning space trying to figure out what I need to do next.  As of right now, no more pickles as I still have plenty over from last year which is saying a lot because many have been consumed!  Funny to look at it now and remember what frame of mind I was while canning last summer.  Yes I missed out on a lot of birds, but shit I've got enough pickles to last me 5 years!  I'm thinking no pickles this year as I'm enjoying being outdoors and out of my garden and kitchen this year.

And of course my jams.  Some from last year but most from this year.

What can I say, I'm a country girl at heart and always will be. ;-)

Now to put all of it back and make room for hopeful blueberry jam I'll be making this Sunday after heading to A Wild Mountain Thyme as you can never have enough jam you know!  ;-)

Take care all


Anne Higgins said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful photos of the juvenile peregrines!

Since March I have been watching the livestream of the Red-Tail Hawk nest at Cornell, and now that they've fledged and are not showing up so much in the area, I really miss them. So viewing your falcon photos was especially great.

Thanks again!


Kim said...

So happy you like the photos Anne! I love getting to see them as close as I do and then sharing the photos with others as they're such incredible birds!

Lionel said...

Great shots, Kim.

I just moved into the Bancroft building a few months ago and have just started seeing what looks like a nesting pair atop the People's Bank bldg. I first clued in to their presence idly watching the pigeons circling in flocks right outside my window (I'm on the ninth flr), when I saw them getting agitated. Then I saw the falcon!

Unfortunately, my camera won't work with Windows 7, so no pics. But I wanted to know if you had heard anything about a pair in that location.

In the meantime I'm thrilled to have a front-row seat to the action.

Be well

Lionel said...

In fact, while I'm in complete agreement with you regarding what agile fliers the rock pigeons are, I can attest, based on what must now be hours of observation (The flocks form and orbit only 10 or 12 yards away almost at eye level), that far more is going on in those seemingly monotonous orbits than the mindless evasion of predators. In the mix are individuals either courting or testing each other, I don't know which (I regret to say I am not good enough to judge the sex of the individuals. In fact if you can put me straight on what is actually going on here I'd appreciate it.), and other interactions. Some do half-rolls and almost touch bellies.

The flock in motion, from what I can make out, is almost an airborne cafe or maybe even the aviary equivalent of the kibitzing around the office water cooler, where people get caught up on the latest news. I'm convinced there's real communication going on here.

As to their reaction to the presence of the peregrines, I have seen how they freak, and more than a few were smart enough to dive for nooks and the ledges of which you speak. One landed on my window ledge, craning his head all around looking for death from above.


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